After months of stalking Kylie’s Instagram, I managed to get my hands on a lip kit. It was a Friday night and I had just been paid (bonus). I was scrolling through Instagram when her cosmetics page popped up telling me the launch of Kristen was about to go LIVE. I quickly logged onto my account (which you should definitely set up beforehand as it saves so much time) and popped it in my bag. There was an online queue for about 5 minutes and then it sent me to the payment page. I couldn’t believe it!

After receiving my confirmation email, I logged back on to see what other shades were available. Kristen and Ginger had sold out but there were still glosses and Candy K up for grabs. I ummed and ahh’d about this. I’ve always wanted Candy K but after already paying for one this meant I would have to pay the shipping price again. Anyway, my inner shopaholic came out and to cut the story short, I received it last week!

I have read so many different reviews on these products so thought I would share with you my own.

Pricing & Shipping

First of all, the price for a lip kit is $29. That’s around £22. For a liner and a lipstick I think this is a decent price. It would cost more to buy two of the same MAC products. Shipping costs $14 which I was reluctant to pay again for Candy K but thought I’ll only pay it another day when its available again so why wait?

I purchased these kits on 22nd July and they were delivered after 12 days. It felt longer but that’s because I’m an ASOS prime customer who orders by midnight and it’s on my doorstep the next day. In reality, this wait is ok from America. I was REALLY lucky though and this is something everyone needs to be aware of. Not everyone has to pay this but if you are struck with the unlucky wand, your kit will end up at the nearest depot until you pay £12.40 for custom and tax fees. My friends have complained about this and I think it’s really unfair that every 1 in 3 customers pay this charge. I’ve also read tweets from others saying they’ve had to pay up to £20 for it, it may depend on where you live. I think it’s extortionate and when you add everything up, you could potentially be paying around £47 for one lip kit. This made me question if I really should purchase anymore.                           


Packaging & First Impressions

When I opened up the box up I literally squealed. The packaging is so cute and the kits come with a little note from Kylie which I think is a nice touch. The only thing I would change would be to add a little more padding to the box as it does come all the way from America and delivery guys don’t understand how precious beauty products are to us. Anyhow the kits weren’t damaged so I’m not complaining and overall the lipstick and liner look fab from the outside. It is cased in a standard lipgloss bottle which feels light and has a twist off lid with a doe foot applicator. The lip liner has as a pop off lid which I like a lot but doesn’t twist up (sadly), so you will need to sharpen it regularly. 

Application & Appearance

When you take the applicator out of the bottle, I’ve noticed there is no suction like other liquid lipsticks I’ve used, so you have to to scrape some of it back into the bottle because there is too much. That being said, this is a catch 22 because you really don’t need to use a lot, a little of the product goes a long way.  

The liner is creamy and so easy to apply which is a big tick for me. The scent of the lipstick is SO GOOD! I read a lot of things before buying and was worried as some say it smells of chemicals? It honestly smells like strawberry cupcakes! The lipstick is like mousse. It’s really pleasant to put on your lips and after 2 minutes it dries and you forget you’re even wearing it because it’s so comfortable. Kristen is such a pretty colour and the coverage on this one is superb. Your lips stand out a mile off! Candy K is a perfect every day colour, I’ve worn this one the most. It definitely dries darker than expected but that’s the case with most liquid lipsticks. It’s still a nice pinky-nude colour and I’m super happy with them both.


Now for the best bit. These lipsticks have staying power! I applied Candy K at 8 in the morning, went to work for 8 hours, had breakfast, lunch and dinner followed by a gym session and did it budge? Not at all! I actually had a hard time getting it to come off the first time I wore it, and had to try a few different makeup removers to fully wash it away (pro tip – use an oil-based makeup remover). 

This is why the product wins me over even with the bad points above. I like that these are not overly drying on the lips and don’t go streaky if you want to top them up. I’ve found that with the matte MAC products they start to wear off on the inner lip and sometimes flake but I haven’t experienced this with Kylie’s lip kit. Some reviews absolutely slate Kylie and her work, complaining their lips are dry but haven’t taken into consideration what their lips are like before the lipstick is applied. It’s like a foundation, you don’t go for a glossy and oil based foundation if you already have oily skin and its the same rule for matte products if you have dry skin. 

So overall, I think these lipsticks live up to the hype and are definitely worth investing in! Have you or will you be purchasing one of these lip kits? I have my eye on Maliboo and Leo next!

Thanks for reading! x