The cutest season for clothes has arrived and I can’t stop myself from scrolling through Asos and Pretty Little Thing on a daily basis. My favourite styles at the moment are definitely ripped jeans paired with cropped knits, ankle boots and my favourite of all; slip dresses. These dresses are so simple but look great when they are layered with baggy tees and jackets, something that is a must do for Autumn because of how awkward the weather  is meaning you can dress them up or down depending on when the sun decides to intervene.

As soon as I saw those orange crunchy leaves in my garden, that was it. My Summer was over and I was happy with this. I now want to feel the fresh crisp air and see nothing but darkness when I leave the office but once again the British weather does the opposite. So I’ve had the joys of being stuck at work sweltering away whilst everyone else enjoys the sunshine and tells me how lovely it is outside. Seriously sun.. You’ve had your time! You need to disappear!

Here are some of my favourite looks for this fall. Details linked on each image.


Thanks for reading! x

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