Carrying on from my Autumn blog post, another thing I absolutely love about this season is Halloween. As soon as it hits October 1st, Halloween is like a 31 day celebration to me!

I took my niece out for the day and we (well, I) decided to go to a pumpkin patch. I had never seen one before so I was too excited to function. It was the opening weekend so they were packing in the entertainment, making it the perfect place to spend a cosy autumn day. I instantly fell in love with their decorative signs and stands.

They had cake and barbecue stalls, face painting, a pumpkin carving area and a welly and wash station which was so cute. A slice of homemade lemon cake later, we hit the pumpkin patch. There were so many to chose from and I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos. There was just something so satisfying about being in a field scattered with pumpkins. I loved the tiny ones and purchased a few just for decoration pieces at home. My 8 year old niece of course picked the biggest and heaviest, so that wasn’t fun getting back in the wheelbarrow which I was rubbish at driving. But I was seriously in my element. They even had a pumpkin weigh off competition. Not even joking, some of the pumpkins we saw were bigger than Emily!

When I thought the fun was over, we found a Halloween hunt. I’m such a big kid. The aim of the game was to work your way around the maze and find 5 different coloured pumpkins, collecting a token from each one. So we did.. And we won.. And Emily decided that out of all the pretty prizes to chose from, she wanted the pair of vampire teeth. So there we go.

Looking cuter than normal!

It was such a good day out. So if you live in Lincolnshire and don’t know what to do with your children at the weekend or like me just love Halloween, get yourself down to Bells Nursery Outlet in Benington. It will make you never want to purchase your pumpkin from a supermarket again!

Thanks for reading x

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