It’s no secret that I love Autumn. The clothes, the food (pumpkin spice everything is acceptable) and of course the make up. Many people have been asking me what lipsticks I use so I thought I would put together a short post of my favourite Autumn colours which all happen to be from MAC.

From left to right: Cyber, Stone, Heroine, New York Apple, Diva and Dance With Me. I know this post is on lipsticks but I’ve added a worldly highlighter to the mix which you need to purchase now and thank me later!

Cyber and Stone are the darkest shades I own. Out of the two I prefer Stone. It has a matte finish and works really nice with Faux when you combine the two together.

Cyber is great for embracing your dark side but I tend to stay away from it purely because it has a satin finish and it comes off so easily! I find I am constantly topping this one up. However, it’s great for those who are feeling edgy and want to stand out.
Heroine has to be my all time favourite MAC lippy. It’s such a pretty colour and I use this all year round but feel you can really pull this one off in the Autumn. I try to pair it with Khaki clothing to make it stand out more.

I also rocked this shade at V festival with my space buns!

Next up are the reds. They’re all very different. Diva is dark with a matte finish. It’s a deep red with berry tones but can look a lot darker/browner if you pair it with the right lip liner. It’s so versatile and I think it’s perfect for a night out. Another thing you can do is combine my next red with it. New York Apple is DREAMY. It has a frost finish which almost passes as metalic. I use this one around Christmas. It doesn’t stay on as well but it’s a lot better than Cyber. Diva and New York Apple look really good together.

Look at it glisten! It’s one of my favourites.

Finally, MAC released their retro matte liquid lip colours just after Kylie Jenner enlightened us with her lip kits, so it was easier to get my hands on one of these. It’s very similar to Kylies ‘Mary Jo’ lipkit. However, I’ve tried both products (you can read my lipkit review here) and MAC win for me overall. It’s such a lovely colour and it stays on very well. The applicator is also a lot easier compared to the Kylie Lip Kits.

Obviously I’ll still wear a nude lipstick here and there. You can’t go wrong with Velvet Teddy but these darker shades just make it feel all a little cosier. I have been completely obsessed with pretty eyeshadow pallets and lipsticks coming out just lately so I’m sure I’ll be adding to my Autumn collection very soon!

What are your favourite Autumn shades and who knows where I can get my hands on a Cyber dupe but with a matte finish?

Thanks for reading! x

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