I’ve been abandoning my blog for the past three weeks and I’m really sorry! Life has just got in the way and I’ve been busy sorting out exciting things such as birthday plans, a new car and I was recently promoted to a new role at work so I have been focusing on that. But I’m back and I wanted to talk about another favourite destination I visited this year. A few weeks ago some friends and I visited Xscape in Castleford and had a go on the dry ski slope there. It was so fun and made me miss Megève so much!

I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful resort on two occasions between January and February. Megève is a village situated in the Alps of southeastern France. We flew to Geneva in Switzerland and drove through it to reach our destination. It was lovely to see the contrast of both places, one big, busy and quite sunny city to finally the French mountains covered in fresh white dust.

I had never skiied in my life and was so nervous. I had all the gear and no idea! My first experience in a pair of ski boots proved difficult as I nearly toppled up the stairs on my way to catch the ski lift and after half an hour of my first lesson I demanded a break to sit down. I was being a full on drama queen, seeing children the size of my little finger whizz past me on their skis made me angry and jealous and I felt like a lump with a thousand layers on. Skiing is such hard work! But after enjoying a few mulled wines I gained some confidence. It’s totally acceptable to drink these at 10am by the way!

Shameless selfie whilst taking a break..
In the end I did get the hang of it and the second time we visited I found myself surviving some difficult runs. But I learned that skiing is really only a small part of the whole experience.

Here I am showing off..
As you know, I love the fresh winter weather and feeling cosy and you can’t get any cosier than the apartment we stayed in. Skiing is tiring so after a long day of plummeting yourself down slopes it’s so nice to kick your skis off, put the indoor log burner on, have a cup of tea and watch a film. We did this every evening without fail. (Sometimes followed by a cat nap before heading out to dinner).

Our cute wooden little den!

I’m glad we visited at the start of the year when it still had a Christmassy atmosphere and the huge tree was lit up in the centre. The village itself is beautiful and filled with lots of things to do other than skiing. I guess that’s why people visit in the Summer when the mountains are green and look completely different. Megéve is full of vintage boutiques and high end handbag shops with cute cafes, brasseries, crêperies  and waffle stands. So obviously I fell in love straight away.

The food in Megéve is dreamy. In the mountains we would stop for lunch and visit cute chalet kitchens for big, warming carby meals and at night we visited some of the best restaurants I have ever been to such as Chamois and The Beef Lodge. We had lunch outside La Folie Douce one day when it had stopped snowing and it looked magical.

This ladies and gents is a deconstructed Snickers bar!
Filled with fur seats, vintage wooden tables and pretty views of the snow, eating out was one of my favourite things to do on this holiday! People are so friendly and when you’re skiing in the day you don’t get to talk as much as you do over a bottle of wine in the evening. It’s a great atmosphere and place to catch up and laugh about the funny things that have happened (like the time I went tumbling down the slope at 10000mph leaving my pole and ski at the top of the mountain, Charlie attempting to save me and flying into a little girl knocking her helmet off and making her cry, oops) it’s a completely different holiday to experience if you ever get the chance!

My top tips to a successful first skiing trip:

1. Have lessons! Whether this is at a place like Xscape or on your first day in the Alps, it’s important to have a few lessons. Although people make skiing look extremely easy it can be very dangerous, and no one is there to stop you on the slopes when you’re tumbling down them (speaking from experience).

2. Pack goggles. (Or sunglasses if you want to look a bit cooler). The fresh sheets of snow on the mountains are blinding and off putting when the wind intervenes.

3. Take a break. Skiing is tiring and requires giving your body a rest, consuming calories and planning your next route. Have a seat in one of the chalet cafes and grab a hot chocolate, or something stronger.

4. Take a small pocket camera or a waterproof phone case to capture the moment. You won’t regret it. I mean.. if you don’t take photos of your skiing trip, did you even go skiing? The mountains are too pretty to not snap.

5. French fries to go, pizza slice to stop. That’s how I remember to point my skis appropriately. You won’t forget it!

Have you ever been skiing in Megéve or are thinking of going somewhere different? I would love to go again, even if I did throw a few tantrums along the way!


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