I’ve signed up to a beauty box subscription and so far so good! It took me a while to chose from all of them and after reading a load of blog reviews I decided to give Love Me Beauty a go which I found on Instagram.

I’ve had similar subscription boxes before such as Graze and have found that surprises are sometimes disappointing. You find yourself with the same things each month and a never ending stash of hand creams. So, Love Me Beauty stood out for me because you get to chose exactly what you want in your package.

They offer a variety of subscriptions so if you’re interested then take a look here.

I chose the one month contract for £10 plus P&P just incase I didn’t like it and wanted to try something else. Because it was my first time they gave me 50% off my order which was a bonus!

HOW IT WORKS – When you sign up you will be asked a few questions regarding your skin type, whether its dry /oily and how much you spend on beauty products a month. With your answers they can recommend you the best deals and items. Each product is worth an amount of credits and I get to spend 60 credits each time. They do give you the option to buy extra credits if you wish and any unspent extra credits can be carried over to the following month.

This month I chose the ECOTOOLS Blending and Bronzing brush (20 credits)

ECOTOOLS Mini Essential set – blush, eyebrow and eyeshadow (20 credits)

BareMinerals SkinLongevity serum (10 credits)

BareMinerals Lash Domination mascara (10 credits)

PROS & CONS – When I received my order it wasn’t in a box. I actually stood staring at the black padded envelope thinking what the hell have I ordered now?! So I was disappointed to start with. However, after opening my items and giving them a test drive, I am more than happy with them and reality hit me when thinking where would I store a large box every month? Instead, Love Me Beauty send you a new make up bag with your order to match the months edit so I can forgive them and I’m really excited to see the Christmas edit in a few weeks!

OVERALL – I love ECOTOOLS brushes and they cost more than the whole package on their own so for this reason I think Love Me Beauty offer a really good deal here. They sell high end and popular brands such as Benefit, NYX and Kat Von D as well as accessories, nail varnishes and skin care products both in mini and full sized sets.

If you’re looking for a monthly beauty treat then I highly recommend this subscription package. It’s definitely value for money and if you only want to try it once then you can bag yourself £21 worth of extra credits using my promo code SINEA1894346 

Thanks for reading. Have you tried Love Me Beauty before? I’ve got my eyes on BirchBox and Glossybox so if any of you use these then please let me know your thoughts as I love reading and replying to your comments!




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