Now we all know a trip to New York would be nothing without a little bit of shopping… and first on the agenda was Sephora since we don’t have it in the UK.

WHY DONT WE HAVE IT IN THE UK?! It’s the best shop I have ever been in. I could spend hours in there swatching lipsticks, smelling perfumes and sitting at their beauty stations watching tutorials on how to get the perfect brows.

One of my favourite things about Sephora is they offer a lot of products in miniature versions, so if you already have a basket full (or two like me) and you’re not sure you really need another product but want to try, you can get it for cheaper. I did buy a miniature concealer but everything else was full sized as I’ve had a list as long as my arm for ages and needed to make the most of being in make up heaven.

Details of what I got: 


I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks, which isn’t really enough time to determine if it delivers on its skin care claims, but this primer works very well under foundation and it’s loaded with moisture. It’s main ingredient is coconut water which I love anyway and your face feels so healthy and hydrated no matter how much foundation you put on. So if you’re suffering from a beauty ‘hangover’ – you know, pulling too many all nighters and need a quick skin refresh, then this primer is for you.


I absolutely love Tarte Cosmetics and their concealer is life. It lasts forever as well because you only need a tiny bit. This thick, creamy concealer gives great coverage, blends well and stays on all day. It’s good for under the eyes and on top of blemishes. The packaging isn’t pretty and if I didn’t know about this brand already it wouldn’t stand out for me on the shelf. But the product scores 10/10. Best concealer I’ve ever used!


That is why I decided to buy a miniature NARS concealer because I am devoted to Tarte but have heard so many good reviews about NARS. I bought this concealer in shade Vanilla and I use it to highlight under my eyes, it works perfectly for that and lasts all day but it’s not the best for blemishes and is a little drying. So Tarte came out on top overall for the concealers!


I picked this up at the till whilst queuing to pay and thought I’d give it a go. I have mixed reviews because this product does work and it’s made a difference to my lips, but it really burns/stings when you apply it! The first two minutes are very uncomfortable and you’re meant to apply it day and night for a long term effect but I don’t think this is very healthy for your lips. It can also chap them so it might just be easier to wear a good lip liner! Unfortunately we can’t all be like Angelina Jolie.


I’m starting to fall in love with Kat Von D and her amazing make up line and this liquid lipstick in shade Requiem lives up to all expectations! I’ve been looking for a pretty pink/purple colour in ages. It lasts forever, doesn’t crumble and feels smooth and velvety on the lips despite having a matte finish. Here’s what it looks like on, it accidentally matches my coat!


I visited the Clothes Show and sat in on Sarah Ashcrofts Q&A session. There she divulged to using this highlighter. So.. I bought this highlighter. First of all, it’s creamy but powdery texture ensures great application without streaks. Secondly, the colour is amazing and shimmery instead of glittery. It’s buildable and lasts all day! It gives the best glow on the cheeks and doesn’t emphasise pores like other highlighters I’ve had. The best highlighter I’ve used and it’s worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed!


I’ve used a lot of brow products including MAC, Barry M and NYX but they are nothing compared to this kit. I like that it comes with shaping stencils too so you can twin your eyebrows which is hard to do without. Benefit always offer such pretty packaging which makes me want to buy more of their stuff. The best part of this kit is the ‘Ready, set, Brow!‘ clear gel and the High brow pencil highliter. A tiny bit goes a long way. You can buy these products singulary but the set is such a good deal and they offer three different kinds depending on your desired brow shape. You can check them all out here.

Annnnnd last but not least! I bagged myself the prettiest eyeshadow pallet/box of Too Faced treats.


You can see that this set is beautifully presented and includes some of the best products Too Faced have to offer such as their popular Better Than Sex mascara and Shadow Insurance primer. Not forgetting how pretty the eyeshadow colours are AND they smell of CHOCOLATE. I’ve always had my eye on the Peanut Butter & Jelly pallet but being in New York near Christmas and seeing this made me pop it in my basket without hesitation. It made a good Christmas present for my sister-in-law too.

I haven’t used any of the shadows yet to review but I’ll be working on a post in the next few weeks as I was shockingly bought more make up for Christmas including the Kylie Cosmetics Burgandy Kyshadow set!

This is by far my longest blog post and I’m sorry for rambling on but I wanted to give you a quick review on each product to hopefully help you when you visit a Sephora! It’s really hard to control yourself in there so good luck!

Thanks for reading! X

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