It’s getting to the end of January.. I feel fat, unmotivated and to top it all off I’m too poor to treat myself to make things better.

I know leading up to and throughout the Christmas period I ate crap, drank too much and skipped the gym. My body is screaming at me to get back on my 5 day a week exercise routine and my skin is telling me off for not listening to it. I have never suffered with acne, but those spots that pop up now and again are so annoying. And why do they always appear the night before you have plans?

I use a variety of luxury skin care products, but sometimes it’s not about the money. I’ve tried everything to ensure my skin feels and looks healthy. And these ‘home skin hacks’ really work for me. Some of them sound a little weird but you never know until you try!
Water – I’ll do the boring one first. Drinking water makes everything better. I know sometimes it seems a chore but it’s so important to keep hydrated and it also supports the eliminating functions of the kidneys and bowl. It detoxifies the skin. Try adding a few slices of lemon to it and buy a cute water bottle that you can always carry around. It worked for me!
Sparkling water – Want brighter skin? Try washing your face with sparkling water. Sounds a bit weird I know, but after reading this tip from InStyle, I had to give it a go. It really revitalised my complexion and gave my skin a healthier looking glow.
Cabbage juice – One Sunday afternoon I was full of spots and didn’t feel very well. Mum was making a roast dinner and decided to hand me a cup of hot liquid. As we all know (and kind of hate at the same time) mums are always right. So I drank away. It didn’t taste bad. It was the juice from the boiled cabbage which is full of antioxidants. Now every Sunday I will have the same and save some for a Wednesday. It cleared my skin up straight away so now it’s one of my saviours! Don’t believe me? Click here to see more health benefits from cabbage juice.
Avocado – When I’m on my heathy eating hype and have avocado it honestly makes my skin glow. I’ve heard so many positive reviews regarding this and can agree. Some people apply it straight to the skin but just eating this will benefit you. Avocado is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and is classed as a healthy fat which in moderation has scientifically proved can improve your skins density, thickness, tone and general appearance. Butternut squash is another high antioxidant that is worth adding to your diet for better skin.
Sleep with your hair tied up – It’s a good idea to sleep with your hair tied up so that the natural oils in your hair do not rub against your face and cause havoc on your complexion. You may think your hair is ok and clean when it had just been washed, but products you use (even shampoo and conditioner) are powerful enough to clog pores and cause irritation.
Other obvious hacks to avoid problematic skin would be to eat leafy greens, change your bed sheets/pillows regularly and ALWAYS remove make up before you go to bed! It really is one of my pet hates if someone doesn’t do this. You are setting yourself up to fail if you go to sleep in make up.

Thanks for reading and please keep a look out for my new blog posts on my latest travels! x

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