WOOOHOOOO ITS DECEMBER! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I have been neglecting my blog for so long so I’m sorry for that. But IM BACK and I have so much content to make your eyes bleed so don’t worry.

I’m not one of these that starts their Christmas shopping in July, in fact it sickens me to even think about it. But once the 1st December comes around I go wild with all things Christmas; films, decorations, chocolate (more than usual if you can believe that) and not forgetting the random outbursts of Christmas songs to annoy my family and friends. So this weekend I felt festive and decided to pick my mini me up and take her to Bell’s Gardening Outlet. If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll remember my Pumpkin Picking blog which was so fun. This year, Bell’s are hosting an Elves Workshop, including cute walks down Candy Cane Lane and even getting to chose your very own christmas tree to take home.

As expected, I instantly fell in love with everything they had to offer including their festive shop, signs and selfie stations.

After browsing and trying not to buy everything, Emily decided she wanted to decorate her own bauble. They had other options such as wreath making and decorating mini Christmas trees, but of course Emily wanted to be sassy and go out with the pink paint and glitter. So that was fun watching her get it all over herself!

Whilst we waited patiently for the bauble to dry, we headed to the cafe to warm up with a hot chocolate and a cheeky mince pie. Then she spotted it – the cheek art.

And Emily being Emily.. she chose the best and most difficult pattern! But the staff and elves were so friendly and helpful, they always are at Bell’s outlet. So much so we were offered the chance to meet Santa. You usually have to book this but they had a spare space, so we headed outside, past the enchanted woodland walk and down to Candy Cane Lane, where we started our festive journey towards Santa’s grotto.

It felt so magical passing the lights and mini christmas trees, almost as if we had landed in Lapland. Emily was so excited that she cartwheeled through the forest.

And then we arrived. We were greeted by another elf who let us in to Santa’s world.

Santa knew Emily (of course) and her age. And asked her what she would like for Christmas. Emily couldn’t believe it was the real Santa and was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t get her words out to answer! Santa’s room was adorned with a crisp fire place, children’s letters, stockings and… Reindeer food?! And he told her a few secrets (which I won’t ruin for you) but the whole thing was remarkable. It took me back to memories of Christmas when I was younger, and the excitement I felt of looking out for Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Santa and Emily made a deal that she would leave some carrots out for his reindeers, and then he handed her a present and told her not to peek until she had left.

We made our way back, looking at the Christmas tree yard, Poinsettia house and wreath marquee.

And of course we had a sneak peek at Emily’s present.

It was such a lovely day. So if you’re stuck with what to do at the weekend with your children, you need to visit Bell’s Outlet for some festive fun! There are so many great photo opportunities and it’s suitable for any age. They are also open until 7pm on Friday’s during the Christmas period.

Thanks for reading x

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