Today I saw my friend dip her quaver into a cup of tea. No, this is not a drill, a cup of tea.. And she looked at me like I was the freak when I asked her why she was abusing that innocent crisp. And it got me thinking, we’ve all got our guilty pleasures. They’re the things we do when we think no one is watching, the things we get excited about when we’re home alone. Whether it’s ordering enough takeaway to feed a small family, having a weird celebrity crush cough ~ how cute is Tom Jones ~ cough or stealing soaps and toiletries from hotel rooms.

So I thought it was time to share with you my own little quirks. Not just so you can laugh at me, but because I’ve noticed that most blogs all seem so ‘lar dee da’ with only positive reviews etc. No one ever seems to share the gory details and I want to connect with my readers by being real. So I’ll be sharing posts such as the things that piss me off, products I’ve used that I thought were rubbish and other REAL things you want to read. And this topic won on one of my Instagram polls so here we go.

  • Eating lunch for breakfast. This happens on the reg. I’ll be driving to work with my packed lunch on the other seat staring at me and before you know it, I’ve devoured it by 9am. Most of the time it will be a sarnie or a wrap however, if it’s leftover tacos then I’ll warm them up when I get to the office and eat them whilst my colleagues think I’m making my morning cup of tea. Disgusting aren’t I?
  • Wearing pyjamas outside. You know those moods when you’re so cosy and nothing could make you happier except a shed load of snacks from the shop? However you’re presented with the dilemma of ‘do I change?’ – and the answer is hell no. So I stay as I am in my Disney leggings, fluffy socks and odd pj top, slap on a long coat and would you believe it? It conceals all your comfies enabling you to stroll around the aisles in the knowledge you’re that person that’s come outside in your pyjamas. AND NO ONE CAN TELL.
  • Eating a whole Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Bar to myself in one sitting. OR a tub of ice cream. I just have no self control when it comes to those foods.
  • Obsessing over YouTube videos about conspiracy theories. Such as the flat earth, aliens or 9/11 and if you’ve spent more than a few days with me I will have mentioned one of these topics and my beliefs towards it. But I’ll leave them for another day..
  • Facebook/Instagram stalking. If you say you’ve never done it you’re LYING. They’re there to be looked at right? Honestly, if your profile isn’t private I have probably looked through it, and viewed your holiday pics from 2007. I feel I have a special skill in finding people that my friends have walked past once and only got their dogs name.
  • Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I fell into the trap of watching this trash tv programme many years ago. I’ve even signed up to Hayu enabling me to watch as many episodes as I can squeeze in on a Sunday when I’ve got much more important things to do. I find the family fascinating like animals in a zoo and I’m not even ashamed.
  • Not wearing a bra unless I really have to. And I own hundreds of them. It’s no secret that I’ll be at work and I haven’t put one on and there have been many occasions where I’ve had to slip one off down my arm like the magic trick they are and put it in my handbag because I’m not feeling it. I suppose it’s not a bad thing that I feel comfortable in my own skin.
  •  Horoscopes. I’ve got the apps, the daily notifications and if I see a newspaper I don’t care what’s on the front of it, I turn to the pages at the back where I can find the horoscopes. I’m so obsessed with reading them and I convince myself every single sentence relates to my current situation.
  • Car Singalongs. On my own.. with the volume on full blast, preferably to an old banger such as Neyo or the High School Musical Soundtrack. And I get EVER so annoyed if I get stuck in traffic, eye to eye with another driver, trying to hold my dance moves in and mouth shut until they drive off.

What’s your guilty pleasure in life? Does it ACTUALLY make you feel guilty to admit it or are you proud as punch of your little bundle of organic ecstasy? Please let me know in the comments below or via Instagram!

Thanks for reading x

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