I’m Sinead. A 22 year old newbie blogger living in Boston, Lincolnshire. It’s a boring place to live but gives me the incentive to work hard so I can travel and explore the little nooks and crannies of the world. I work for a drug and alcohol team as a recovery worker, helping clients overcome their addiction. My job is so rewarding and inspiring to see people reach their goals in life and to prove that no dream is too big when you put your mind to it.

I have a passion for fashion, beauty and travel. I own way too many pairs of shoes, drive my friends crazy about booking the next holiday and I’m obsessed with Disney and dogs because who wouldn’t be?

I’m aiming to keep you posted on all of my interests and places I visit giving you tips, reviews and outfit ideas. Please bare with me, I’m new to this!

PR FRIENDLY! Please feel free to contact me on sineadgibbonss@hotmail.com or Instagram:@sineadreanne14606369_10154617613503545_4527404809054838782_n



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