WOOOHOOOO ITS DECEMBER! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I have been neglecting my blog for so long so I’m sorry for that. But IM BACK and I have so much content to make your eyes bleed so don’t worry.

I’m not one of these that starts their Christmas shopping in July, in fact it sickens me to even think about it. But once the 1st December comes around I go wild with all things Christmas; films, decorations, chocolate (more than usual if you can believe that) and not forgetting the random outbursts of Christmas songs to annoy my family and friends. So this weekend I felt festive and decided to pick my mini me up and take her to Bell’s Gardening Outlet. If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll remember my Pumpkin Picking blog which was so fun. This year, Bell’s are hosting an Elves Workshop, including cute walks down Candy Cane Lane and even getting to chose your very own christmas tree to take home. Continue reading


Carrying on from my Autumn blog post, another thing I absolutely love about this season is Halloween. As soon as it hits October 1st, Halloween is like a 31 day celebration to me!

I took my niece out for the day and we (well, I) decided to go to a pumpkin patch. I had never seen one before so I was too excited to function. It was the opening weekend so they were packing in the entertainment, making it the perfect place to spend a cosy autumn day. I instantly fell in love with their decorative signs and stands.

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