I’ve been abandoning my blog for the past three weeks and I’m really sorry! Life has just got in the way and I’ve been busy sorting out exciting things such as birthday plans, a new car and I was recently promoted to a new role at work so I have been focusing on that. But I’m back and I wanted to talk about another favourite destination I visited this year. A few weeks ago some friends and I visited Xscape in Castleford and had a go on the dry ski slope there. It was so fun and made me miss Megève so much!

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You can’t beat going on a city break in the Autumn. It’s my favourite thing to do. I prefer them to hot destinations if I’m honest. I just feel that you make the most of your time when you only visit places for a few days, ensuring you see and do all of the things you want and let’s be honest, you can only sunbathe for so long! It gets boring and with my full time job, it’s easier to book days off here and there rather than having long periods of time away from work which suits me perfectly because it means I can visit more places more often!

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Carrying on from my Autumn blog post, another thing I absolutely love about this season is Halloween. As soon as it hits October 1st, Halloween is like a 31 day celebration to me!

I took my niece out for the day and we (well, I) decided to go to a pumpkin patch. I had never seen one before so I was too excited to function. It was the opening weekend so they were packing in the entertainment, making it the perfect place to spend a cosy autumn day. I instantly fell in love with their decorative signs and stands.

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The cutest season for clothes has arrived and I can’t stop myself from scrolling through Asos and Pretty Little Thing on a daily basis. My favourite styles at the moment are definitely ripped jeans paired with cropped knits, ankle boots and my favourite of all; slip dresses. These dresses are so simple but look great when they are layered with baggy tees and jackets, something that is a must do for Autumn because of how awkward the weather  is meaning you can dress them up or down depending on when the sun decides to intervene.

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After months of stalking Kylie’s Instagram, I managed to get my hands on a lip kit. It was a Friday night and I had just been paid (bonus). I was scrolling through Instagram when her cosmetics page popped up telling me the launch of Kristen was about to go LIVE. I quickly logged onto my account (which you should definitely set up beforehand as it saves so much time) and popped it in my bag. There was an online queue for about 5 minutes and then it sent me to the payment page. I couldn’t believe it!

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The choker trend has taken off again and this time I’m a fan. Here’s why.

While the biggest hesitation about trying a choker necklace is how it will make you look, the trend may be a ’90s comeback but it has come a long way. Gone are the days of those horrid tattooed chokers that look like you found them from inside of a Kinder Egg. Now, they come in all different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter what your style is.

Whether you consider yourself a punk, Parisian chic or an elegant lady, the choker necklace can be pulled off by all of these. All you need is a little inspo from Gigi Hadid’s Instagram and you’re good to go with an idea of which choker is right for you. She is by far my favourite celebrity  rocking this trend.

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This year I’ll be going to my first festival and I’m more excited about buying pretty clothes for it than I am the line up! Maybe I should think about getting the essentials first such as a sleeping bag and wellies..

Here are my favourite festival must haves. They need to extend these events so I can cram every outfit in! Details tagged.

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This could be an act of travelling from one place to another or a process/course of overcoming something in your life such as an addiction. Everyone’s road is different and although we are all aiming for a destination, the journey should be enjoyed just as much because this is where we learn about ourselves.

This is just a short and sweet post to say I’m currently revamping my blog and will aim to keep you updated on all of the journeys I face/visit with of course a few cheeky posts of clothes and food! Please bare with me, I’m new to this!

What does the word journey mean to you?

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