After four manic days in New York, we headed to Boston Massachusetts to watch an NFL game. We spent the rest of our time there browsing the many shopping malls and cobbled streets. This is where I came across the cutest chocolate shop you only see in movies.Beacon Hill Chocolates stock the most amazing hand made treats from all over the world. They also offer lovely custom keepsake boxes to make the perfect gift for someone special. My favourite part was eyeing up the chocolates with a staff member and picking my favourites for them to pop into my box. It took me ages because there were so many christmassy ones to chose from!

The shop was vintage and festive looking, filled with adorable school children making up boxes for their teachers Christmas present.

Passion fruit heart, lavender truffle, marshmallow snowman, caramel mushroom & a fruity rainbow!
When they’re gift wrapped they remind me of the chocolates from Matilda where she steals them from Miss Trunchubulls house! It’s one of my favourite childhood films so that’s probably why I love this shop and the presentation so much.

We actually had to go back the next day because I needed to experience the whole rigmarole again and bag myself another box where I picked all the crazy looking ones.
I love visiting new places and finding little nooks and crannies like these that make the trip memorable. If only I had room in my suitcase to bring the whole lot back!

Thanks for reading. I have so much content to blog about from my recent travels to New York and Boston, I can’t wait to share it with you!


I’ve signed up to a beauty box subscription and so far so good! It took me a while to chose from all of them and after reading a load of blog reviews I decided to give Love Me Beauty a go which I found on Instagram.

I’ve had similar subscription boxes before such as Graze and have found that surprises are sometimes disappointing. You find yourself with the same things each month and a never ending stash of hand creams. So, Love Me Beauty stood out for me because you get to chose exactly what you want in your package.

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I’ve been abandoning my blog for the past three weeks and I’m really sorry! Life has just got in the way and I’ve been busy sorting out exciting things such as birthday plans, a new car and I was recently promoted to a new role at work so I have been focusing on that. But I’m back and I wanted to talk about another favourite destination I visited this year. A few weeks ago some friends and I visited Xscape in Castleford and had a go on the dry ski slope there. It was so fun and made me miss Megève so much!

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You can’t beat going on a city break in the Autumn. It’s my favourite thing to do. I prefer them to hot destinations if I’m honest. I just feel that you make the most of your time when you only visit places for a few days, ensuring you see and do all of the things you want and let’s be honest, you can only sunbathe for so long! It gets boring and with my full time job, it’s easier to book days off here and there rather than having long periods of time away from work which suits me perfectly because it means I can visit more places more often!

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