Sometimes I miss who I used to be, sometimes I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I’ve changed. I didn’t know that for months I’ve been suffering with PTSD. It’s truly drained me. But at the same time I’ve been stripped back naked to find out who I actually am, without the materialistic things, without the fake Instagram posts; cos lets be honest.. no one gets a lot of likes for posting a picture of themselves in their pjs and no make up on a Saturday night. Instagram is a collage of the best moments in your life. Not the moments you’re struggling to get out of bed because your anxiety feels like a rope has tied you around the posts of it, not the moments your trying to be silently sick in the staff toilets because you don’t want to get in trouble for being off sick again.┬áThis isn’t a post to make you all feel sorry for me. This is a post to say that whatever you’re struggling with, you can get through it. Life is a bitch. Your brain is a bitch but remember that it’s YOUR brain and you get to rule it, and train it to be kind.

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